3 Questions to Ask Before You Eat

Asking yourself WHY you are eating something is just as important as planning WHAT you are eating. Staying tuned to your body’s need to fuel your fitness may better help you meet your health and wellness goals. Next time you sit down to a meal or grab a snack, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why am I eating?
    Strive to eat in response to physical feelings of hunger instead of in response to boredom or stress. However, if you live an active lifestyle, you actually may need a small snack before or after a workout (regardless of hunger cues) to help you fuel and recover. Work to make every eating occasion purposeful!

  2. Will this meal help meet my goal?
    Depending on what your nutrition goals are, take a minute to evaluate whether or not your food will help you meet these goals. For example, will a breakfast that consists of a doughnut and coffee help meet your goal of building muscle? A hardboiled egg and whole wheat toast with peanut butter may be a better option in this scenario. Take the time to re-evaluate the components of your meal or snack.

  3. How will I feel after I eat?
    If you know that you will regret a doughnut after you eat it, then why do you keep picking one up on the drive to work? Put fuel in your body that will help leave you feeling energized and happy with your food choice and ready to conquer the rest of your day.

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