Nutrition On-The-Go

Cars, buses, trains, or planes — whatever your mode of transportation, it most likely interferes with sitting down to breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Fueling your fitness includes eating enough of the right foods throughout the day even when you're away from home. Luckily, being on-the-go doesn't have to compromise good nutrition. Keep these 3 tips in mind the next time you step out the door and onto your next travel adventure.

  1. Plan Ahead
    If there is a long car ride or flight in your near future, take a quick minute to throw some travel essentials in your bag. Not only is it cheaper to pack your own snacks, but it's a foolproof way to ensure you have nutritious options away from home. Unsalted nuts, protein bars, and fresh fruit like apples, bananas, or oranges are better-for-you snack options that can pass through airport security. Take a break from packing and try whipping up these vanilla protein powder shortbread cookies made with trusource® Anytime Protein powder to bring on the trip!

  2. Choose Wisely
    No time to prep snacks before you travel? No worries. Most gas stations and airport marts now sell mixed nuts, yogurts, pre-cut fresh vegetables with dip, or sandwiches made with lean meats and whole wheat bread. If fast food is your only option, try grilled chicken sandwiches or order from the kid's menu to control portion size.

  3. Stay Hydrated
    Traveling throws off normal routines and has us so busy that drinking water becomes an afterthought! Staying hydrated helps keep energy levels up and wards off feelings of false hunger. Pack a reusable water bottle to fill up at rest stops or in airports. If you're on the road, include a few bottles of trusource® Protein Water for a refreshing way to mix up your hydration game.

Mindful Tip:

Try to avoid "boredom eating" when you're on a long flight or car ride. Keep your mind busy with books, music, movies, crossword puzzles, or whatever will prevent snacking out of boredom instead of hunger. Listen to your hunger cues because you may just be reaching for that chocolate bar as an excuse to pass the time.

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